The law of heating/cooling

$$ T(t) = T_{\mathrm{env}} + (T(0) - T_{\mathrm{env}}) \ e^{-r t} $$

System parameters

Amount of coffee (%):

Mixing time ():

\(T(0)\) of coffee:

\(T(0)\) of milk:


The lower values of \(r\) indicate the slower cooling (e.g. due to a higher volume).

\(r\) оf mixture (should be a bit less than for coffee due to a bit bigger volume):

\(r\) оf coffee (should be the greatest, the volume of coffee is the smallest):

\(r\) оf milk (should be the lowest, a big volume of milk in a box):


Temperature of coffee before mixing:

Temperature of milk before mixing:

Temperature of mixture after mixing:

Final temperature of mixture: